Collage: Stories that tell Stories



Collage: Stories that tell Stories

Art and copy by Thurman A. Williams


Have you ever been so overwhelmed by thoughts that your mind began to wonder in multiple directions? Have you ever felt like you had multiple opinions about a particular subject yet couldn't quite narrow your focus? Not to worry now you know how a Collage feels.

Collage is a form of mixed media art where the artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole.

This is why I refer to Collage as stories that tell stories. Each piece of media can have a story within itself but when combined with other media a new narrative emerges. Sometimes furthering or deepening that previous story and other times creating a whole new stream of thought. The possibilities become endless as an artist embarks on creating a Collage and I have fallen in love with this journey.
One of the most frequently asked questions about creating a Collage is where does my inspiration come from. The beauty of Collage is that you can be inspired by literally anything. Being sociologists my themes tend to center around social, cultural and urban issues.

The three images featured in this article are examples of issues that are very personal to me but has universally impacted and continue to impact all our lives.

Racism, Gun Violence, and Blaxploitation Cinema are all separate entities but they conjure emotions of similar discontent.

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